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Teaching / Comedy Coop

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EXCITING NEWS!  I love teaching so much that in September 2021, Christel Bartelse, Melody Johnston and I launched Comedy Coop, an online comedy school for women. We offer a variety of online comedic classes, including Standup Comedy, Improv, Sitcom Writing, Physical Comedy, Comic Characters/ Acting, Creating Your Own Solo Show, and more! We're always adding new classes, one-off class packages and amazing special guest speakers. We've been interviewed on CTV, CBC Radio and many print and online publications. Check it out:

Aside from Comedy Coop, I'm in my 12th year of teaching in the Comedy Writing & Performance program at Humber College, where I also teach in the Television Writing & Producing post-grad program. I've also taught screenwriting at Sheridan College, and conducted writing workshops at the Writers’ Federation of Nova Scotia, Comedy Bar, and Soulpepper Academy.

My mentorship experience includes FEM Script Lab, Writers Guild of Canada’s Diverse Writers’ Initiative, and Frontier College, and I've been a guest lecturer at various educational institutions, including Ryerson University and the Canadian Film Centre.

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