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Stand-Up &

Event Hosting

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Since I started out performing songs and sketches for CBC Radio over 20 years ago, my repertoire has expanded to include standup comedy, debates, event hosting, TV panels and several films (see below).

Recent comedy performances include:

  • Martha Chaves Show (Hugh's Room, November 2019)

  • Leacock Debate (The Carlu, April 2018)

  • U.S. Election Night Panel (CP-24 TV, November 2016)

  • NDP Federal Candidate Nomination for Noah Richler (2015)

  • "Al Purdy A-Frame Cottage Fundraiser" with Bruce Cockburn (Ottawa 2015)

  • Peggy Su Fundraiser (2015)

If you're interested in hiring me to do standup comedy or hosting for an event, please click on Contact Me, below.

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Finding Zorba Promo Trailer

(That’s Anne playing the development executive he’s pitching.) 

This is me on stage at "Brunch with Martha Chaves"

(Hugh's Room, September 2019)

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