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In 2019, I wrote an essay, “The Year I Couldn’t Speak At All”, about my bizarre, year-long experience of voice loss caused by muscle tension dysphonia. The essay was published in The Walrus online and attracted the attention of Deena Kamm, an incredibly talented and experienced singer, songwriter, vocal instructor and performer, who came across my essay online. Deena contacted me and explained how, for years, she’d been wanting to write a musical about voice loss and proposed that we write a musical together. We agreed to meet in Los Angeles in early May to see if we got along as collaborators.


We got along.


Deena and I have now completed Draft 1 of "Voiceless: A Musical" (Lyrics and Music by Deena Kamm; Book by Anne Fenn). Deena has recorded over 20 song demos, complete with vocals and instrumentation so you can read the Book and listen to the songs as you go along. We did an online table read last fall and are eager to do our first workshop production.


We are extremely excited about our creation and would love to chat with anyone interested in "Voiceless."

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