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Just graduated with my Masters of Fine Arts (MFA) in Creative Nonfiction from King's College/Dalhousie (Halifax). It was a two-year, limited-residency program (with 2 weeks/year spent in Halifax) where we were forced--I mean, helped--to write a book of creatiive nonfiction (anything that's not a text book or a novel, really). The program was a fantastic experience, thanks in no small part to my writing mentors, Tim Falconer and Jane Silcott. Now all I have to do is finish the book and wait for fame and wealth to ensue.



Check out my "Comedy Screenwriting 101' class coming up at the Comedy Bar this September/October:

P.S. Non-humble brag: One of my students from last fall's class just landed a job writing on CBC's "Working Moms"!)

The following are unpaid* endorsements:

"As a teacher, Anne was organized and insightful. She was a font of information about the television industry, taught us the basics of writing a sit-com and offered advice and constructive criticism when it came time for us to actually write a sitcom of our own. Oh yeah, and she did all of this while being uproariously funny! If you've ever wondered what it would be like to work in a writer's room, don't hesitate to take Anne's class!" -- Tanis Fowler (March 2017)

“Anne is an engaging, experienced instructor with boundless enthusiasm for the craft of comic story-telling. She has all her own teeth and is even occasionally funny.” -- John Whitcher (July 2016)

* so far



I have over 20 years' experience as a story editor for film & TV (comedy and drama). My story editing experience extends beyond half-hour comedy to one-hour TV drama, feature films and digital series. Clients include a variety of TV networks, independent producers, Canadian Film Centre, WIFT and myraid professional and emerging writers. Please contact me directly at for more information.
Here are a few other unpaid* endorsements:
"Anne Fenn, story editor: the most fun I've ever had while being told my script sucks. Just kidding. Anne story edited my half-hour original pilot called on 100 Blackouts. Her thoughtful notes were incredible and the rewrite was like night and day. Along with making the top 10 at Final Draft, it ended up winning the Telefilm New Voices Award at the Toronto Screenwriting Conference, and won Bronze at Page International Screenplay Awards. I'm grateful to have had such an amazing teacher."
- Vivian Lin, screenwriter/producer
"Anne brings warmth, deep insight and technical chops to her story editing. She helps encourage your best words out of you!"
- Emily Weedon, Writer
* so far


Since popping my standup cherry at West End Girls 'Suicide Virgins' show in November 2012, I've been doing standup comedy at various venues in and around Toronto, including the Comedy Bar and Yuk Yuk's. I recently performed on stage as Leonard Cohen (including my own lyrics to "I'm Your Man") in this year's Leacock Debate at the Carlu, along with Ian Brown, Carol Off and Bob Rae. The Leacock Foundation is an outstanding organization that provides needs-based, educational programming enhanced by technology, to high-needs communities in Toronto and in South Africa.

I've also been writing and performing at special events, including the Leacock Debate, Noah Richler's NDP fundraising event (where I was thanked and kissed, in that order, by Stephen Lewis), the Peggy Su Fundraiser, Spur Festival in Ottawa.



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